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Who We Are

Digi Print Plus Media, is a leading digital print and web media provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing pictures and text on paper and across electronic devices. We offer a full suite of digital products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, short run printing, distributing, and monetizing digital media on paper and across devices.

We build great brands

We are a fully integrated digital agency headquartered in Orange County, CA, serving clients both local and national.

Winning solutions

Our solutions actually work for our customers helping them capture the attention of readers, viewers, and listeners.

We're digitally diversified

We develop and create everything from same day, to next day, to mobile, to web, to long run printing and direct response mail marketing.

Super Support

You can always reach one of our stellar customer service or sales agents Monday through Friday and weekend help is available on our online project management systems.


As the digital marketplace extends across a growing array of screens and devices, audiences gain more choice and control over how and when they interact with content. Publishers, agencies, and broadcasters seek a comprehensive, flexible solution that will allow them to reach customers, monetize content, and build brands. Digi Print Plus Media’s “Print to Search” solution for creating, delivering, and optimizing print content is the answer.

new ways to promote your message

What is Print Optimization?

DPP Media uses Print to search optimization to print your message on your collaterial materials then we accuratly extract your keywords associated with your prints and post your images and text with a well placed message to search engines, social media and directory websites. Our methods help boost your website search engine optimization efforts.

This process is called Print to Search Optimization. It helos you manage and automate marketing campaigns, freeing resources for other high-impact initiatives. Integration with LEADGEN Apps and Analytics helps you target and retarget high-value audiences in real time and at scale across print, web and mobile channels.


Digital Publishing

Keep pace with evolving digital media technologies, generate high quality prints that foster loyal audiences, and build strong brands..

Residential Mailing List

We provide FREE online search tools for buying data lists, leads, and direct response calls. As low as 3 cents per record (no minimum orders required), Data downloaded at our team will email you a user name and password. You access and download your data in real-time.

New ways to engage.

Push your content out across mobile channels — smartphones, tablets, and the web — fast. No coding or custom development needed..

Direct Mail Advertising

Maximize digital marketing investments and strengthen strategic relationships with clients.

Business Mailing List

Need to find more customers and close more sales. We provided high quality targeted business to business (B2B) mailing list, with or without email lists, and possibly social media contacts are also available with selected marketing campaigns. Prices start at .10 cents per record, includes names, address (additional phone, email, mobile phones available, with social media contacting methods). Downloaded via

Plug into your existing enterprise solutions.

Digi Print Plus Publishing Suite (DPPP) works with your offline and online marketing messages to push contacts through your entire enterprise. Regsiter and see how it works.

WHERE YOUR IDEAS BECOME GREAT BOOKS Book publishing trends to help you stay ahead/span>

Our Work Our Xerox® Color 1000 Press delivers sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality.

Create and publish, just like that.

Book Printing

illustration, digital print

Online Publishing

illustration, graphic design

Binding Services


Targeted Mailing

illustration, graphic design, others

Architectural Books

illustration, graphic design

Custom Photography Books

graphic design, digital print, others

Large Format

illustration, digital print, others, graphic design

Web / Graphics Design

illustration, graphic design

Industry leaders choose Digi Print Plus Media

Print and add your business to online LISTINGS EVERYWHERE!

Customers read print materials and search online for businesses like yours. Print to Search optimization helps you get your PRINTS NOTICED.


Economy - Perfect to start getting your website noticed.
  • Setup:$99.99
  • 10,000 Emails a month
  • FREE - Lead Management System
  • Project Management System
  • 10 Print to Search Postings


Ultimate - Good for higher traffic. Twice the power, memory, email and more
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1000 Email Addresses
  • Free Domain with annual plan
  • 2X Processing Power & Memory
  • (Available for Linux/cPanel only)
  • Premium DNS Management Tool
  • 1 year SSL Certificate - Restrictions apply

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