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Founded in 1984, by Fred Omidvar Digi Print Plus has grown from strength to strength. Since 2005 we moved to our new location in Irvine CA.

We are small enough to care but large enough to cope! We hope to offer a professional but friendly service where we aim to meet all our clients’ needs with ease. 

We offer everything in print! Digital, Press and Large Format, to produce anything from Business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Duplicate Pads, Posters, Banners, Canvas Prints and everything else you can think of!

But we don’t only offer print! We offer a full in-house design service too, so you can come to us with youridea and we will be taking care of everything! for you

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Packaging is more than just your product’s pretty face. Your package design may affect everything from breakage rates in shipment to whether stores will be willing to stock it. For example, “display ability” is an important concern. The original slanted-roof metal container used for Log Cabin Syrup was changed to a design that was easier to stack after grocers became reluctant to devote the necessary amounts of shelf space to the awkward packages. Other distribution-related packaging considerations include: Labeling. You may be required to include certain information on the label of your product when it is distributed in specific ways. For example, labels of food products sold in retail outlets must contain information about their ingredients and nutritional value.

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Your business is too important to rely on beginner design. Whether you're looking to promote a product or advertise a service, we can help you design a layout that will reach your audience and get your message across.